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SURGIBIT is a patented, revolutionary surgical drill bit design offering superior results and enhanced outcomes for orthopaedic surgeons and their patients. See video here.

With nearly 500,000 sold worldwide and an unparalleled track record for performance, SURGIBIT provides control and accuracy for the surgeon with reduced damage, heat and trauma to the patients' tissues. The results include faster surgeries, more first-time results and an overall improvement in post-surgery healing. Download white paper here.

A Proven Solution For Every Problem

  • Slippage, skiving and "walking of the drill bit"—SURGIBIT's patented design allows accurate drilling up to 65 degrees off axis without slippage.
  • Inaccurate drilling of bone at angles—SURGIBIT's unique cutting tip lets surgeons cut at the point of contact to keep the drill on target. This superior cutting ability allows almost effortless drilling at almost any angle required.
  • Drill bit breakage—SURGIBIT's core tapering and superior drilling of the far cortex allows the accurate alignment of holes and easier placement of implants. It places less stress on the drill bit and virtually eliminates drill bit breakage.
  • Premature dulling of drill bits—SURGIBIT's revolutionary design lets it drill more holes with less force than current drill bit designs.
  • Poor control on breakthrough—SURGIBIT requires one third less axial load than current two-fluted designs, and the special tapered tip breaks through the far cortex with far less force, minimizing damage to the bone and periosteum.
  • Excessive heat causing damage to bone and tissues—in laboratory studies using the latest thermal imaging techniques, SURGIBIT consistently produced less heat during drilling, helping to preserve the integrity of the bone and surrounding tissues.

Onyx is proud to be the manufacturer of choice for this patented technology and to offer it as a solution to our customer partners worldwide.

"The culture you have created at Onyx is one of caring for the customer, no matter how big or small the order is."

— Ortho Industry Veteran