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Onyx embraces a comprehensive Validation Strategy which includes:

    • Equipment (IQ, OQe),
    • Software (CSV),
    • Measuring Instruments (MIV), and
    • Processes (OQp, PQ). 

These components are integrated to achieve fully validated systems as required in Onyx's documented Master Validation Plan. 

Aside from being an industry and regulatory requirement, we firmly believe that, when executed properly, this is simply good business practice. Appropriately validated systems will sustainably yield the most compliant outcomes by ensuring full implementation of all QMS and regulatory requirements, including management of and provision for re-validation. Onyx procedures and protocols have been developed with over a decade of input from best practices around the world. Our Validations represent a collaborative initiative between Quality and Manufacturing and are explicitly designed to address Onyx processes while incorporating customer specific requirements, such that validations will be universally accepted.

You were 100 percent on time with all your kanban deliveries and have no NCMR’s in the last 12 months. Keep up the great work, you are definitely one of the best suppliers we have.

— Top 5 Orthopedic Company