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Because Good Enough Never Is
Onyx works as your true strategic partner for the long-term, earning your trust every day. We understand the stringent standards of regulatory and sourcing departments we handle these details for you every day—from supplier-quality agreements and control plans to risk analyses and process validations. We thoroughly assess each project for the best manufacturability, develop stable processes that consistently produce parts that meet specifications, honor our quotes and provide exceptional customer value.

Additionally, we quote lead times that are realistic, maintain comprehensive device history records to ensure complete traceability, and keep honest and ongoing communication to increase flexibility for your changing needs. We tackle the challenges others cannot, bringing a fresh perspective that comes from a profound knowledge of what we do.

Onyx continues to deliver 100% on time with 100% material acceptance. Your 12 month rolling average rating is 100%-Approved Exceptional! Thank you!

— Annual Performance Report for Top 10 OEM